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The Guest by Mitali Meelan and Ravinder Singh

The Guest by Mitali Meelan

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Book Name:- The Guest

Book Author:- Mitali Meelan and Ravinder Singh

Eighteen-year-old Neha Ranade is perfectly comfortable with her life—a singer boyfriend, a group of loyal friends and with the college annual festival around the corner, her days are exciting and full. But when her father’s Canadian colleague arrives home, Neha’s grand plans are uprooted. What could be the purpose of this curious guest’s sudden visit—for better or for worse?

The Guest by Mitali Meelan

About the Author

Mitali Meelan was born in Thane(India) and brought up in Mumbai. She did her bachelor’s degree in economics and pursued her master’s in English Literature, while working with a magazine as an editorial coordinator for a short while. She has a couple of short novels and stories published in anthologies.

she tried her hands at different fields before realizing she’ll always return to writing. When she is not telling stories, you can find her writing blog posts, listening to soft music, reading, watching videos on YouTube or dreaming about non-existent people. She also loves quiet getaways and hangouts with close friends, family and her cat.

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