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October 5, 2018
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December 2, 2018

The Aadhaar Effect: Why the World’s Largest Identity Project Matters

The Aadhaar Effect: Why the World’s Largest Identity Project Matters

The Aadhaar Effect: Why the World’s Largest Identity Project Matters

The Aadhaar Effect is a journalistic account of one of the biggest and bold transformational projects in India that hold the power comprising technology to help improve the lives of a billion people. The story of Aadhaar is about how these blocks came to be built and how they are being used, and misused, on the ground.

BOOK TITLE: The Aadhaar Effect: Why the World’s Largest Identity Project Matters

WRITERS: N.S. Ramnath and Charles Assisi


About Book

The Aadhaar Effect is the story of how India built a bunch of digital platforms to bring hundreds of millions of people into the digital economy—via a national, biometric identity system, a payments interface, a consent architecture, etc. There is extensive interest in India’s rise around the world. And Aadhaar is a leitmotif of both India’s tech bravery and social transformation

It is the first in a series around themes that Founding Fuel has identified as crucial for those in leadership roles. It has engaged in formal relationships with fine minds and universities across the world so that learnings from thought leaders can be distilled. And transmitted on what it takes to shape public policy and build enterprises that last.

The story behind Aadhaar remains, for the most part, untold. There is a need for more people to read about, engage and debate the idea behind Aadhaar. Because it holds the key to how India—and indeed other emerging markets—can possibly leapfrog, using the power of technology. We actually need a technical and progressive Country meeting the tagline set by developed nations. It has kicked up intense, a polarised debate on its impact, with some claiming it is all good, and others claiming it is all bad. Both sides miss the truth.

Tens of millions of Indians did not have an identity that was accepted across the country. The government lacked the capacity to provide targeted welfare and benefits to people who needed it most.

By building Aadhaar as an identity platform, a Lego block, the ambitious project aimed to address both issues. It gave identity to every resident in the country. And it allowed governments, social enterprises and businesses to build innovative solutions on top of the platform.

It’s a story that will be of interest to policymakers, business leaders, tech executives, social entrepreneurs, key influencers in the development sector, and just about anyone who has to deal with this complex, dynamic and messy world.

About Author

Journalists N.S. Ramnath and Charles Assisi dive deep into the 12-digit number that has touched 1.2 billion lives and counting—and in the bargain, made the world sit up and take note of India’s ambition. NS Ramnath is a senior writer and part of the core team at Founding Fuel, and co-author of the book, The Aadhaar Effect. Further, Charles Assisi is an award-winning journalist with two decades of experience to back him, meanwhile, Co-founder and Director of Founding Fuel.

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