The Millennials: Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation
The Millennials: Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation
September 9, 2016
All Rights Reserved for You
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November 8, 2016

Immortal by Krishna Udayasankar

Immortal by Krishna Udayasankar

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Book Name:- Immortal

Book Author:- Krishna Udayasankar

– From the bestselling author of the Aryavarta Chronicles comes an exciting, classy and pacy adventure-thriller with a superbly crafted plot and a central character like no other.
– Dan Brown meets Indiana Jones meets the Mahabharata.
– Professor Bharadvaj, a whisky-loving, cynical historian-for-hire, gun-toting, is the latest character assumed by Asvatthama, the son of Dronacharya, cursed with immortality and roaming the planet in various guises through millennia.
– The professor is pulled into a quest for the Vajra, a legendary trans mutative substance that may hold the secret to immortality.
– Features superbly pacy high-octane action that takes the characters from the underground corridors of the Somnath temple to the Hingula Devi temple in Balochistan.
– Complex riddle, tremendous pace, intriguing characters.

When immortality is the ultimate prize, the stakes are bound to be high. Professor Bharadvaj is more than just another gun-toting, whisky-loving, historian-for-hire. Behind the assumed identity of the forty-something cynical academic is a man who has walked the earth for scores of years. He is Asvatthama – the cursed immortal, the man who cannot die. When Professor Bharadvaj is approached by the cryptic Maya Jervois to search for a historical artefact unlike any other, he is reluctant to pursue it. The object in question, the Vajra, is rumoured to possess incredible alchemical powers, but the Professor does not believe it exists. After all, he has spent many lifetimes – and identities – searching for it, in a bid to unearth the secret to unending life. Yet, as the sign of its existence becomes increasingly compelling, the Professor and his assistant, Manohar, are rushed into an adrenaline-fueled adventure punctuated by unspeakable perils to unravel a puzzle left behind by the ancients.

A thrilling adventure novel by the inimitable Krishna Udayasankar.

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