Download Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth ebook pdf
Download Free Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth ebook pdf
February 5, 2017
The Girl of My Dreams
The Girl of My Dreams | Pdf ebook | Book Free download @Durjoy Datta
February 13, 2017

The Vishnu Chronicles: The Hunt for Rama’s Bow by Suhail Mathur

The Vishnu Chronicles: The Hunt for Rama's Bow

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Book Name:- The Vishnu Chronicles: The Hunt for Rama’s Bow

Book Author:- Suhail Mathur

Legend has it that Vijaya and Jaya, Lord Vishnu’s palace guards, were cursed by the enraged Manasputras who ordained them to abandon Vaikuntha. But not before they were provided with an alternative—an alternative that would mould their uncertain future..and that of the Delhi-based graduate, Mohan Sharma, who, while flipping through the lesser-known pages of mythology, becomes cognizant of a sinister presence lurking around.

The Vishnu Chronicles by Suhail Mathur

This is followed by a cryptic letter, revealing the existence of his grandfather of whom he has no recollection. Pandemonium strikes as Mohan unwittingly unravels a closely guarded secret that shall bring him face-to-face with an unimaginable horror, his adversary who is blessed with the boon of immortality by Lord Shiva. Accompanied by 5 men, each possessing a different ability, Mohan must find the weapon, long forgotten by mankind, that can spell doom for his nemesis—Lord Rama’s wondrous bow..the ‘Kodanda’!

About the Author

Suhail Mathur is among India’s bestseller author. He is the bestselling author of the historical fiction, The Bhairav Putras. An alumnus of Delhi Public School, Noida and National Law University, Delhi, he also advises international law firms on various issues. Awarded the Best Book Reviewer 2013 by Tales Pensieve, Mathur is currently working with various production houses as a screenplay, story, and dialogue writer. He has done English cricket commentary for Airtel’s mobile application and Star Sports. A lit fest regular, he has been listed as one of India’s ‘Top 51 Indian Authors to Follow’. He is also one of the country’s most prominent literary agents.

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