Master on Masters by Amjad Ali Khan
Master on Masters Pdf ebook by Amjad Ali Khan Free Download
March 21, 2017
Objective Physics for NEET NCERT Based - Vol. I & II
Pradeep’s Objective Physics for NEET NCERT Based – Vol. I & II
April 11, 2017

India 2017 Yearbook by Rajiv Mehrishi

India 2017 Yearbook

India 2017 Yearbook is an absolute handbook for all students preparing for the UPSC / State Civil Service or other competitive examinations in India. The yearbook is a perfect compilation by Shri Rajiv Mehrishi, the incumbent Union Home Secretary, on various issues that are regularly queried in various competitive examinations, including political and economic policies, public schemes, international relations, current affairs and important data related to demographics, economy, trade and others.

Salient Features of India 2017 Yearbook

1. It is written by the Union Home Secretary, the book is a comprehensive abstract of all data and facts related to the Indian Union, including geographical information, who’s who, major events and awards, essential information on the environment, history, culture, current affairs, media, technology, and sciences.

2. The book contains comprehensive information about Indian policy, political systems, The Indian Constitution and states, international relations, India and Nuclear disarmament, foreign and domestic policies, ISIS and the Middle East, digitization, globalization, and recent issues like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Demonetisation.

3. The book also contains several articles on issues that are key to India which has contributed by respected politicians, leading intellectuals, academics and civil servants such as Shrimati Vasundhara Raje (Chief Minister Rajasthan), Dr. Arvind Panghariya (Vice Chairperson, NITI Aayog), Dr. Arvind Subramaniam (Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India), Shri Amitabh Kant (CEO, NITI Aayog), Eminent economists Dr. Ajay Shah, Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Dr. Ila Patnaik and Kamal Kishore.

4. Information is not merely documented but analyzed to facilitate preparation for the UPSC Main Examination as well as state civil service examinations.

5. All information is current and completely updated till March 2017.

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