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Captain Amarinder Singh: The People’s Maharaja – An Authorized Biography by Khushwant Singh

Captain Amarinder Singh: The People's Maharaja - An Authorized Biography

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Book Name:- Captain Amarinder Singh: The People’s Maharaja – An Authorized Biography

Book Author:- Khushwant Singh

Captain Amarinder Singh: The People’s Maharaja is a great politician and head of Indian National Congress in Punjab. Amarinder Singh is the son of Maharaja Yadavindra Singh and Maharani Mohinder Kaur belonging to the royal city Patiala. He joined the Indian Army in June 1963 after graduating from the National Defence Academy and Indian Military Academy before resigning in early 1965.

Starting with a background of how the Patiala kingdom came into the establishment and ruled, the author moves on to describe the early years of Amarinder Singh. Then he portrays the Indo‒Pak war of 1965 and finally focuses on the combative areas of Punjab politics, where numerous elective and other battles have been fought.

Besides tracing the career graph of Amarinder Singh, who reached his zenith when he became the chief minister of Punjab in February 2002, the author provides useful insights into important events that have made an extensive impact on that state and the neighboring areas over the past few decades. The text also throws light on Amarinder Singh’s five‐year ownership as chief minister with the both positive and negative aspects of the following period, when Parkash Singh Badal regained that post. The contents are rounded off with an update on the Punjab situation even as all the political parties in the state are gearing up for the rough and plunge of the forthcoming assembly elections in early 2017. Through this book, Khushwant Singh highlighted those aspects that set apart Amarinder Singh from his adversaries, besides taking an exclusive peek into his private life and characteristic.

About The Author:

Captain Amarinder Singh: The People’s Maharaja – An Authorized Biography is narrated by Khushwant Singh. Khushwant Singh is an Indian novelist, lawyer, journalist, and politician. Born and raised in Hadali, Punjab. After working as a lawyer in Lahore Court for eight years, he joined the Indian Foreign Service upon the Independence of India from British Empire in 1947. He was appointed journalist in the All India Radio in 1951 and then moved to the Department of Mass Communications of UNESCO at Paris in 1956. These last two careers encouraged him to pursue a literary career.

As a writer, he was best known for his trenchant secularism, humor, sarcasm and an abiding love of poetry. His comparisons of social and behavioral characteristics of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit. He served as the editor of several literary and news magazines, as well as two newspapers, through the 1970s and 1980s. Between 1980-1986 he served as Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India.

Khushwant Singh was decorated with the Padma Bhushan in 1974. But he returned the award in 1984 in protest against Operation Blue Star in which the Indian Army raided Amritsar. In 2007 he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, the second-highest civilian award in India.

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